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I'm a software engineer that enjoys mixing my passions into my code. When I'm working you can usually find me coding Discord Bots.
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If you’ve been tweeting about tech on Twitter and using hashtags such as “#100DaysOfCode”, “#30DaysOfCode”, “dotnet”, “csharp”, “python”, or any other tech related hashtag, you might have noticed that your tweets instantly get retweeted by some interesting looking accounts.

Upon closer inspection, they seem to be bots that retweet specific hashtags. Now you might be curious. How do I make my own retweet bot? Well first, let’s start off with an important question first. Why should you make your own retweet bot?

Why Should You Make A Twitter Retweet Bot?

  • They make a cool personal project that you can show off to employers without fear of some kind…

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I’ve done a lot of growing as a person moving from my high school life starting in 2009 to where I am today. Sometimes, I look back to just a few years ago and reflect on just how my thought process and priorities have shifted and I find it very interesting how I might have never thought I’d be like this when I was still in high school.

While I am still definitely the same person as I was years ago, I attribute a lot of my current success to the gradual but very big change in my thinking and…

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We can all hit mental blocks while learning code, where we just lose all motivation and nothing interests you for a while. Studies have shown that learning is less powerful when the individual doesn’t find a real interest in what they’re learning to motivate themselves.

“Paul Silvia of the University of North Carolina speculates that interest acts as an “approach urge” that pushes back against the “avoid urges” that would keep us in the realm of the safe and familiar. Interest pulls us toward the new, the edgy, the exotic.”

Whether you’re teaching yourself how to code with Pluralsight, watching…

A mouse and keyboard on a wooden table
A mouse and keyboard on a wooden table
Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash

One night, I was browsing Twitter like any internet attached individual would and I came across an interesting conversation in which people were talking about how you need to develop skills early in life so you can have a good career for the rest of your life.

The idea of this bugged me, being someone who taught a group of people well into their 30’s and 40’s, coming from various backgrounds and careers, how to program. …


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